Business Analytics Internship at Berkshire County Arc

Berkshire County Arc – Zip N Sort Mail Services Business Analytics Internship

(One – paid- summer – approximate 10 weeks)

Zip N Sort Mail Services, 20 Taconic Park Drive Pittsfield Ma. 01201



Zip N Sort Mail Services Business analytics Internship

About us:

Zip N sort Mail Services is the largest mail preparation business in western Massachusetts.   It has been in operation since November 1998.  It serves 252 on average each year with a projected income stream of 3.3 million in FY 19.  Zip N Sort Mail Services is a unique business venture that has 2 goals:

  1. To help local businesses to be competitive in their market areas by efficient and effective use of the postal system.
  2. To develop employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Both of these goals have been met.   Customers rate our services as very helpful to their businesses and 16 of the 32 people working at Zip N Sort Mail Services has an identified disability.

The major challenge for the business is to target market growth while controlling expenses in order to provide the best profit margin.

The Business Analytics Internship is estimated to be 400 hours of work.   That could be 10,   40 hours work weeks or other combinations due to your life circumstances.  The hours could be flexible to meet your needs but would be M- F between 8:00 – 4:00.  The work period is from June to August.  

The intern will receive an orientation to the structure and mission of the business as well as an overview of Berkshire County Arc, the parent organization and learn how business and people with disabilities have joined together to create a very successful community resources that goes well beyond the bottom line.

Overall focus for the intern:

To assist to gather data to do an analysis of income assigned to work areas and costs associated with areas of work.  Data will be used to upgrade pricing guidelines and to target growth in the most profitable areas.

Specific projects intern will work on:

Review quick Books data (ability to use quick Books critical) and assemble data on income streams generated from the various work areas, presort, metering, manual ops& fulfillment, ink jetting, daily mail, & copying.  Work with VP & GM to identify expenses related to each area.  Work with project team to determine profitability of each area and to revise price guidelines

5 learning outcomes for Intern:

1. Using Quick books to generate data.

2. Generating income expense models for areas of production and creating a profitability profile.

3.  Using models created to revise pricing strategies.

4. Working as part of Project Team, Using models as tools to determine best areas of growth to maximize profitability.

5. Working as part of a Project Team and developing a summary of the findings with recommendations for future growth based upon models.

Qualifications/skills needed.

An MBA level student would be ideal but an upper level student pursuing a business degree, especially in accounting would be most helpful.   Ability to work with Quick Books and Excel critical.   

Deadline:  Resume will not be accepted after March 22, 2019 and must be electronically submitted. Qualified students will be contacted in April via e-mail regarding interviews.

You must submit a resume and statement of 250 or less of why you are interested in an internship with our business.

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