Day Habilitation Intern at Berkshire County Arc

Berkshire County Arc – Day Habilitation Department

One summer internship, paid, approximately 10 weeks

Berkshire County Arc—Center for Development/Nu-Opps, 133 Quarry Hill Rd., Lee


Day Habilitation Intern

About us:

Berkshire County Arc’s day habilitation programs increase individuals’ independence and ability to assume adult social roles through developmental skills training and clinical supports.

The Day Habilitation internship is estimated to be 400 hours of work, which could consist of 10,  40-hour work weeks, or other combinations due to your life circumstances. The hours allow for some flexibility in scheduling, but would typically take place within the time from of Monday-Friday, 8:30am-3:30pm.  The work period is from June to August. 

The intern will receive an orientation to the structure and mission of Berkshire County Arc – Employment Services as well as an overview of Berkshire County Arc, the parent organization. 

Overall focus for the intern:

To work with case managers, day habilitation staff, and consultants to develop engaging, challenging curricula and lesson plans that are accessible to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and allow for skill development and active treatment opportunities.

Specific projects intern will work on:

  1. Familiarize themselves with the MassHealth Regulations governing Day Habilitation

  2. Become familiar with the roles of staff and clinical consultants within the day habilitation setting

  3. Create person-centered, active programming curricula based on a wealth of available resources

  4.  Design lessons, create lesson plans, research and request materials to support those lessons, compile lessons them into curriculum books that day program staff can use as a resource while presenting enrichment and active treatment programming to individuals. 

  5. Present lessons plans to day habilitation staff, providing instruction in the implementation of the lessons, and will use staff feedback to refine the lesson plans.

  6. Work first-hand with individuals with a broad range of abilities, needs, communication and learning styles (*no personal care will be performed by the intern)

  7. Intern will work with program case management team to assist with electronic record-keeping requirements of the program, both internal to the agency, and state-mandated based on MassHealth regulation. 

5 learning outcomes for Intern:

  • Understand regulations governing Day Habilitation

  • Gain direct experience working with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and brain injuries, in a supported setting  

  • Understand “habilitation”—skill building and active treatment
  • Develop and understanding of the role of clinical supports (occupation and physical therapy, speech/language pathology, clinical behavior support) in habilitation
  • Learn to tailor lessons for various size groups, and for individuals with a range of learning styles, disabilities, and communication modalities.

Qualifications/skills needed.

The candidate must possess strong written communication skills, be detail-oriented, and demonstrate 

Candidate must submit a resume and statement of 250 or less explaining their interest in the internship/in Berkshire County Arc

Deadline:  Resumes will not be accepted after March 22, 2019 and must be electronically submitted. Qualified students will be contacted in April via e-mail regarding interviews.

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