Employment IT Intern at Berkshire County Arc

Berkshire County Arc – Employment Services IT/Marketing Intern

(One – paid- summer – approximate 10 weeks)

Berkshire County Arc – employment Services   20 Taconic Park Drive Pittsfield Ma. 01201



Employment Services IT/Marketing Intern

About us:

Berkshire County Arc – Employment Services has been assisting people with disabilities to obtain employment opportunities in Berkshire County Ma. since 1984.  The service is well recognized throughout the county for helping local businesses fill needed positions and for helping people with disabilities obtain competitive employment.

The Employment Service provides services to over 150 people each year.  It currently has business partnerships with over 70 companies. It has been committed to helping young students transition from school to the world of work. The Employment Services is well regard throughout the state for its innovative approaches to the transition process.

The Business Analytics Internship is estimated to be 400 hours of work.   That could be 10 weeks,  40 hours work weeks or other combinations due to your life circumstances.  The hours could be flexible to meet your needs but would be M- F between 8:00 – 4:00.  The work period is from June to August. 

The intern will receive an orientation to the structure and mission of Berkshire County Arc – Employment Services as well as an overview of Berkshire County Arc, the parent organization. 

Overall focus for the intern:

To research software tools and/or develop a tool to track contacts with businesses for job development, internships & volunteer projects.  The end result will be a system that will provide us a history of contacts and the outcome of those contacts over time with business organizations.

Specific projects intern will work on:

  1. Meet with ES staff to identify the information they will need. 

  2. Research software tools and/or develop a tool to track ongoing contacts with businesses over time. 

  3. Input current information with businesses we have contacted to set up the system.  

  4. Train staff on how to use the system going forward.  

5. Train staff on how to generate reports on data in the system.

5 learning outcomes for Intern:

  1. Learn process to interview staff to determine what their needs are at this time.

  2. Research software tools and/or develop a tool to track ongoing contacts with businesses over time

  3. Learn to install the system into use at Employment Services and input current data to  make the system operational

  4. Learn to develop a process to train staff on using the system.

  5. Learn to generate reports from the system and learn to develop a process to train staff on generating reports.

Qualifications/skills needed.

A person with a focus on business marketing as their school major or career direction.    An MBA level student would be preferred but experience with sales & marketing helpful

Deadline:  Resume will not be accepted after March 22, 2019 and must be electronically submitted. Qualified students will be contacted in April via e-mail regarding interviews.

You must submit a resume and statement of 250 or less of why you are interested in an internship with our business.

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